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While Easter is a great few days to refresh, get away or catch up on some rest, it’s also time for action come Tuesday. Many will be returning to a new financial year. Big sales forecasts and KPIs in place across the company. You know what you’ll need to achieve and have created strategies to succeed in achieving the goal. It’s now time to detail the actions that you’ll take over the next 12 months.

  • Resource – who is responsible for carrying out the tasks across each channel? Does it all take place in-house or is there external resource required?
  • The to do list! – the necessary steps you need to take to implement each marketing strategy
  • Timelines – high level outline of how long it will take to complete each strategy and expected completion
  • Tactics – why are you implementing these strategies? When? How?
  • The goal – what you are going to accomplish during the next 12 months
  • Next – you’ll need to align with your agreed marketing budget. Has all of the above got legs on the basis of your associated budget? Allocate across the various channels and ensure you take into account any potential seasonal effects. Some companies have certain quarters where they can rein it in, and particular downtime where it’s time to ramp it up once again.

Always focus on major campaigns first. More resource and time will obviously go here and you may also need some contingency in order to achieve the return you require.

Make sure that the 12 month plan is broken down into segments, channels and quarters. It can look like you’re spinning far too many plates at a glance!

Keep this plan consistent Y-o-Y and ensure you follow through, stay on track and execute the key activities at crucial times! I wish you all a successful and prosperous coming 12 months.

Jamie Clifton

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