Unicus created brand guidelines to be used internally, creating consistency within the company.

Unicus created a consistent brand to be used across all marketing materials & channels.

Unicus created a strong, solid brand which represents Pinnacle Products in the best way possible into the market they want to target.

The Detail

Pinnacle Products had a dated brand before approaching Unicus. Unicus researched the market where Pinnacle Products saw themselves and created a fun, modern & creative brand to represent the 4 values that Pinnacle Products stands for; large order friendly, fast turn-around, premium quality & in-house team. Unicus created in-depth branding guidelines for Pinnacle Products, alongside business cards, compliment slips & letterheads to create a consistent branding experience.


Specialising in industries that we know so well means that we are incredibly passionate about the brands we work with. It’s imperative that you know we are on the same page from the get go, and we’ll come with the ideas to prove it.