Full video library produced by Unicus, showcasing the BRC Promotions working culture and environment, including all key staff members, both old and new, to bring the employer brand to life.

Written content that reiterates this message and breaks down the full career journey paths available at BRC Promotions, all displayed clearly in a mobile first website journey.

A clear candidate journey including bespoke job board and obvious call to actions to make applications and get in touch, one of the key parts to the brief set in the first instance.

The Detail

BRC Promotions came to Unicus with an initial requirement for website design and development. Admittedly, the incumbent website and messaging was client centric and the design dated. Their main headache actually wasn’t to win new clients, it was all based around candidate attraction. With that in mind, Unicus proposed a website solely focused around candidate attraction and focus on bringing their employer brand experience to life. This was all completed in line with long term value of BRC Promotions – providing quality customer acquisitions over quantity.


Specialising in industries that we know so well means that we are incredibly passionate about the brands we work with. It’s imperative that you know we are on the same page from the get go, and we’ll come with the ideas to prove it.