A clean sales introduction that is easy to understand from the get go.

A full sales training presentation including videos, interactive games and bespoke designs.

Engaged new starts in the training format and instant results are starting to arise.

The Detail

Brand Ambassadors had a key issue when approaching Unicus for support with sales training; new starts were under performing and not generating the results expected in the first 12 weeks after training. The Unicus team spent time trying to understand exactly where the problem lay in the sales training. It appeared text heavy and lacked interaction. We spoke with key stakeholders and those who had performed well to find out what had worked prior. There was a clear need for a consistent training programme that was fun, interactive and could be rolled out in over 40 offices throughout the UK and Europe. From the time spent with key stakeholders we managed to retain what was working initially and being remembered, whilst removing areas we felt both weren’t needed and were tedious to follow.


Specialising in industries that we know so well means that we are incredibly passionate about the brands we work with. It’s imperative that you know we are on the same page from the get go, and we’ll come with the ideas to prove it.